Our story

The great dream of Ryszard Karwosiński was to start his own production of confectionery. He started his business by building confectionery machines, which in the following years turned out to be his biggest passion in life.

Finally, in 1989, after changing the political system, the fulfillment of the dream turned out to be possible. From this time Ryszard constantly strived to build his own production line. In 1991, together with his neighbor, began making cakes. Unfortunately, the company did not last long, in 1994 the partners split up and set up their own production plants.

This is how the family production company run by Ryszard Karwosiński and his wife Halina started their activity. The originator of the name was Ryszard, so of course it was not accidental. As from the beginning of the company’s existence, the owner planned to participate children in business, so the second part consists of the first letters of the names of three children – Mariusz, Agnieszka and Joanna, which form the expression “MAJ”. However, the first member – “KA” comes from the surname. This is how the family business started under the name “KA-MAJ” and is still functioning today.

Currently, the company is directed by:

Halina Karwosińska – president of the company

Mariusz Karwosiński – vice president and director of technical department

Agnieszka Karwosińska – sales director

Joanna Socha – food technologist and export sales manager