Biscuits with cherry filling in center decorated with cocoa glaze.


Logistics data

Name Net packaging weight Number of pcs in the packaging Number of packaging on a layer Number of layers on the pallet Number of collective packages on a pallet Number of items on the pallet
Calinka decorated 2,0 KG 1 8 22 176 176
Calinka decorated 1,0 KG 1 12 27 324 324
Calinka decorated 0,4 KG 6 21 5 105 630

Nutritional values in 100g

Energy value Fat saturated fatty acids Carbohydrates including sugars Protein Salt
1864 kJ/ 446 kcal 26 g 13 g 48 g 22 g 5,1 g 0,19 g

Rich selection

unique taste

We offer a wide range of assortments from each group of confectionery: gingerbreads, biscuits, sponge cakes with jelly in chocolate glaze, sandwich cakes, crisp biscuits
and shortbreads with fruit filling and decorated with chocolate glaze.